Bringing it all Together

By: Casey Bishop

If your reading this blog, that means we have finally launched our website. It has been a solid month of creating pages and accounts, getting a following, and trying to bring together all of our ideas into a nice efficient ball of business. Its outstanding how my mind thought this process would be simple, because it can quickly get overwhelming. Sure, signing up for Facebook and everything is easy, but actually creating that depth is what takes time and patience. Between you and I, this blog entry is merely to help start creating depth within our new website. However, all this work is worth it. We have been able to attach our Shopify account to our social media page, including selling items simultaneously on all platforms. We have successfully attached our domain to our website. Our licenses and tax ID's are in place. It is all starting to come together. I hope you stay tuned as we start to act on our many ideas to make My Wonderful Wreaths a wreath shop unlike any other.

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